Immune checkpoint-blocking antibodies that activate the immune system to fight cancer are becoming an important method of cancer treatment. CTLA-4 was the first immune checkpoint target and ipilimumab, an anti CTLA-4 antibody drug, was approved in 2011 for clinical use. The PD-1 receptor and its ligand PD-L1 have shown great promise as therapeutic targets in a variety of malignancies. The combined- target immunotherapy may have a higher level of effect in the future.

To facilitate this hot immunotherapy research field, GenScript provides immune checkpoint antibodies and Immune Checkpoint Proteins for many kinds of applications. Products for more targets are coming in succession.


Positive control for antibody drug early development

Facilitate assay development

Product List

カタログ番号 タンパク質名前 納品量 価格 注文
Human PD-1 Antibody (PD1.D3), mAb, Mouse
¥19404.00 40 μg
Human PD-L1 Antibody (PDL1.D1), mAb, Mouse
¥19404.00 40 μg
Human TIGIT Antibody (20A9), mAb, Mouse
¥19404.00 40 μg