Distinct advantages of rabbit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have led to their increasing applications in all areas of life sciences, from basic research to diagnostics and therapeutics. GenScript's MonoRab™ technology generates high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Our proprietary hetero-hybridoma methodology includes an optimized fusion partner to improve overall fusion efficiency while utilizing the rabbit's natural ability to generate high specificity, high affinity monoclonal antibody products against a wide range of difficult targets such as small molecules, Ab drugs, and even antigens non-immunogenic in mice.

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MonoRab™ Platform VS. Mouse Monoclonal Technology

MonoRab™ platform Mouse mAb technology
Antigen Recognization Capable of recognizing a variety of difficult antigens:
  • small molecules
  • nanobodies
  • partial or full-length recombinant proteins
  • highly similar epitopes
  • antigens that are not immunogenic in mice
  • post-translationally modified antigens
Limited immune response
Antibody Sensitivity High
It enables the detection of less abundant antigens with a minimum amount of antibody, making the MonoRab™ antibody a cost-effective reagent
Antibody Specificity High
This reduces background signals and allow for the precise targeting of desired antigens
Antibody Affinity Picomolar KD values
This allows for the preservation of antibody-antigen interaction for a robust detection and function
Nano or micromolar KD values