Primary antibodies recognize and bind to unique epitopes with high affinity and specificity across a broad spectrum of biomolecules. They exist as high specificity monoclonal antibodies and/or as polyclonal antibodies. These antibodies are used for detecting specific biomolecules or measuring changes. GenScript offers over 1000 highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies, covering major areas of life science research, such as H1N1 Antibodies, Neuroscience Antibodies for Alzheimer's Parkinson's and Huntington's disease, Cytokine and Growth Factor Antibodies, Control Antibodies including isotype and loading control antibodies, Cell Marker Antibodies, and more. These primary antibodies are validated for multiple applications, including Sandwich ELISA and western blot.

GenScript also offers more than 200 cytokines, chemokines and growth factors, for your cell signaling and stem cell research demands with key features such as low endotoxin levels (<1.0 EU/μg) and high purity ( >95% ).

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