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Custom Bio-Reagents to Accelerate Life Science Research

GenScript serves academic research laboratories at top institutions throughout the world to accelerate research in basic life sciences and biomedicine. GenScript offers efficient and cost-effective services yielding superior quality custom bio-reagents including DNA constructs, Peptides, Purified Proteins, Antibodies, and Cell Lines.

We know that your experiments and grant deadlines can't wait, and that your time is better spent generating data and engaging in scholarly pursuits rather than repeating routine protocols to produce all the reagents you need. The best evidence that our services add value to science research programs is the growing list of peer-reviewed publications that make GenScript the most cited Biology CRO in the world. Join your colleagues who rely upon GenScript's deep technical expertise, breadth of scope, and economies of scale – so that you can focus on the experiments that matter most.

Our scientific team has accrued a total of over 1,000 years of industrial experience in bio-reagent services, and boasts a track record of delivering over 90% of all orders on time. Partnering with GenScript will not only reduce the time you spend on routine tasks and troubleshooting, but offers the highest possible quality and timeliness – and the industry's best guarantees.

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    Custom Molecular Biology Services
   —Largest Gene Synthesis Supplier in the U.S.

GenScript provides a comprehensive repertoire of molecular biology services, ranging from gene cloning and characterization to advanced genetic engineering and mutant libraries. We have delivered over one hundred thousand synthetic genes and constructs with the most complex and difficult traits through our Gene-on-Demand® de novo synthesis platform. Our proprietary CloneEZ® seamless cloning technology is capable of placing any gene in any vector independent of restriction and ligation, seamlessly. Our CloneArchTM clone storage and management system provides our customers with worry-free clone storage and a portal to construct manipulation, simply one-click away.

    Custom Protein Services
   —Your Reliable Source for Functional Proteins

GenScript's protein team has extensive experience in codon optimization, protein refolding, solubility enhancement, and activity preservation in multiple expression systems. We have delivered over 2,000 batches of soluble and active proteins for assay development, compound screening, antigen generation, structural analysis, and many other drug discovery applications. Some of these orders are at scale of gram quantities or greater.

    Custom Peptide Services
   —FlexPeptideTM Technology Ensures Delivery and Quality

GenScript's proprietary FlexPeptideTM platform provides custom peptides of up to 200 residues in length and a capacity of 6,000 peptides per month. With a scale ranging from milligrams to kilograms, comprehensive labeling and modification options, and rapid high-throughput peptide library and array services, this platform is ideal choice for peptide synthesis, peptide library services and peptide array service. GenScript also offers large-scale cGMP-grade peptide production service.

    Custom Antibody Services
   —Best Guarantees in the Industry

GenScript provides one-stop solution to all of your antibody needs. You may start with a gene accession number or a peptide sequence. For custom polyclonal antibodies, we guarantee an ELISA titer of 1:20,000 or better. For monoclonal antibodies, we guarantee two positive clones and positive Western results for qualified antigen. All this is made possible by our proprietary OptimumAntigen™ design tool, T-MaxTM adjuvant, and cutting-edge nanotechnology.

    Custom Cell Line Services
   —Custom Solutions for Stable Expression

With state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned industry experience, GenScript offers quality services for generating and evaluating primary clones for productivity and adaptability in serum-free suspension culture, identifying cell lines for stable, long-term production and scalability, and for developing large-scale purification and analytical processes. We also provide assay-ready frozen cells, preserving your time for high-value projects.