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Cells and Membranes

High-quality cells and membranes supply is the key factor in GPCR & ion channel screening/profiling. As a leading bio-reagent supplier, GenScript has been offering assay reagent products and reagent preparation services.

Based on proprietary codon optimization and vector design technologies, GenScript has developed over 70 GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines with quality and speed. To meet the diversified demands of assay reagent products, GenScript offers membrane preparation and Ready-to-UseTM Frozen Cells utilizing our assay validated stable cell lines.

Stable Cell Lines

GenScript offers a wide selection of GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines. Proprietary codon optimization and vector design technologies enable GenScript to overcome low functional expression of protein at the cell surface. All of the cell lines have been optimized for S/N ratio in calcium flux assay or other assays and shown stability after over 16 passages. Stable Cell Lines

Ready-to-UseTM Frozen Cells

Each batch of Ready-to-UseTM Frozen Cells is validated with stringent criteria to assure consistent results. Instead of engaging in a lengthy in-house culturing process, simply thaw the cells, plate them, and run the assays. Assays can be finished within 24 hours after thawing the cells. Ready-to-Use Frozen Cells

Membrane Preparation

G-protein independent binding assays are preferred methods in assaying GPCR activation especially in primary screening. To meet the demand of membrane preparation, GenScript takes advantage of in-house GPCR stable cell lines validated by functional assays to offer GPCR membrane preparations. All the membrane preparations have been validated by radioligand binding assay and/or Eu-GTP binding assay.Membrane Preparation

Custom Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Development

Stable cell line development is the key step to develop a cell-based assay development. Based on proprietary codon optimization and vector design technologies, GenScript can deliver your cell lines of interest with quality and speed. Custom Stable Cell Line Services

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