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Process Development and Transfer (SC1400)

GenScript's team of experienced scientists and proprietary development platform provide custom services for optimizing the growth and production media of target cell lines, definitizing feeding strategies, studying cell line stability, and increasing cell culture production and protein quality. We also offer a thorough analysis of growth rate, subcultivation ratios, cell mass, and specific and volumetric productivity levels using productivity-enhancing conditions. Upon request, we can perform additional specific process optimization studies or apply our scaled-down model to predict cell performance.

We optimize protein purification and process development simultaneously. For pilot expression analysis, protein purification is typically conducted by affinity column, but we also offer other columns, including gel filtration, ion exchange and hydrophobic. The purification tags are removed via a specific protease, and the protein is further purified by gel filtration.

Customized Services:

  • Flexible Expression Cell-Lines: Hybridoma, 293, CHO, BHK, NS0, and more;
  • Flexible Purification Assays: SDS-PAGE, IEF, HPLC, ELISA, and more;
  • Flexible Accessory Services: Vector improvement, protein characterization, and further specific optimization services.

Quotations and Ordering:

To request a quotation, please contact us via our toll-free phone, email, fax, or our secure online messaging system.

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