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Online Resources

We are proud to offer our peptide customers this set of online peptide tools offered here at The pages listed below contain features designed to provide our clients additional information that can help foster a better understanding of our technologies, products, and services and make selections of GenScript service package best suited to their needs.

Online Tools

  1. Amino Acid Code Table: The table shows both the single-letter and multiple-letter amino acid codes used in GenScript property and quotation calculators.

  2. Amino Acid Properties: This online tool details the properties and chemical structures of common amino acids.

  3. Peptide Chemical Formula and Molecular Weight Calculator: This online tool details the properties and chemical structures of common amino acids.

  4. Peptide Property Calculator: This online tool calculates each peptide's chemical formula, molecular weight, isoelectric point, and also helps to determine the best solvent based on the peptide's amino acid sequence.

  5. Antigen Prediction: Our OptimumAntigenTM Design Tool integrates the industry's most advanced algorithms with GenScript's time-tested expertise.

  6. Peptide Library Design Tools: GenScript has developed six powerful online design tools for generating peptide libraries that can be used in epitope identification and sequence optimization for structure-function studies. They are overlapping peptide library, alanine scanning library, truncation library, positional scanning library, random library, and scrambled library.


Here we provide a list of publications related to GenScript peptide services.


We have organized a set of frequently asked questions and answers. In addition, our customer service representatives are available by email, phone (1-732-885-9188) or fax (1-732-210-0262).