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Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis Service

Peptides are often used as tools in functional assays and antibody production, particularly in drug discovery. Some peptides can be used as therapeutic drug or assay substrates. Moreover, antibodies generated against peptides tend to be more potent and specific than those generated against purified proteins. GenScript's world-leading FlexPeptideTM technology allows us to produce the high- quality, large-scale, and cGMP peptides with the highest success rate in the industry (over 95%).

GenScript peptide synthesis features several advanced technologies, including application of 1) microwave synthesis chemistry, 2) chemical ligation technology, and 3) recombinant peptide expression technology. These technologies enable us to offer our customers unique services such as the synthesis of the long peptide up to 150 residues and production of cGMP level at large scales.

Up to date, GenScript has delivered more than 56,000 peptides to customers worldwide, including very hydrophobic peptides, peptide with multiple disulfide bonds, multi-phosphrylated peptides, cyclic peptides, and extremely long peptides. GenScript ever delivered 2 kilograms of peptides on a single order and has the capacity of 6,000 peptides per month. Our capacity of GMP peptide synthesis is 2 kilograms.

Quotations and Ordering:

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