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Hybridoma Stabilization


Hybridoma Stabilization Service

Antibody production by hybridoma cell lines is inherently unstable. Failure to maintain cell lines properly will lead to loss in antibody productivity and eventually the cell line itself. Traditionally, hybridoma stabilization refers to the selection of stable clones for extended stable expression but the problem still remains. By integrating antibody engineering and bioprocess development technology, GenScript's Hybridoma Stabilization Service (Cat. No.: SC1511) can redesign the antibody for permanent preservation and improved productivity with advanced Hybridoma Revival System, and solve the inherent defect of antibody generation by hybridoma.

Key Features:

  • Stability test of generated clones
  • Free selection of original or novel Fc for your antibody
  • Stable and high productivity of desired antibody
  • サービス仕様
  • 納品
  • 関連サービス

ハイブリドーマ安定化サービス(Cat. No.: SC1511)

サービス内容 納期 納品パッケージ
Complete sequencing
6 weeks
  • Complete antibody sequence
  • Plasmid (optional)
Vector construction and plasmid maxiprep
3 weeks
Transient expression evaluation
2 weeks
  • Evaluation report
Stable cell line
9-11 weeks for research grade
21-26 weeks for production grade
  • Frozen cell lines and report

Client provides:

You can submit hybridoma cells (>1×106 cells, in liquid nitrogen) along with isotype information.

GenScript delivers:

Our one-stop service ensures delivery in only 20 to 37 weeks depending on the submitted sample. Our typical deliverables include the following:

  • Frozen cell lines
  • Complete sequence of the monoclonal antibody
  • Constructs stored for your future use
  • Data sheet and report

GenScript offers our customers a one-stop solution for all outsourcing needs, providing comprehensive upstream and downstream services of hybridoma stabilization.





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