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Patch Clamp hERG Safety Testing Service

Patch Clamp hERG Safety Testing Services

hERG testing for drug candidates is a crucial element of drug development, as an estimated 25-40% of all lead compounds show some level of hERG related toxicity. As a result, regulatory agencies including FDA and EMEA require hERG/IKr pre-clinical safety data as part of any investigational new drug submission. The human cardiac delayed rectifier potassium current (IKr) is carried by a channel encoded by the human ether-a-go-go–related gene (hERG). Suppression of IKr by loss of function mutations in the hERG gene or by untoward drug block can prolong the QT interval and predispose patients to the potentially lethal arrhythmia Torsades de Pointes (TdP), is now well documented. GenScript helps our clients solve hERG safety issues at early discovery stages and during preclinical development.

In contrast to the cheaper automated hERG testing methods, manual patch clamp assays can achieve higher accuracy without any compromise, and therefore, provide the most reliable results.

GenScript’s premium technology and facilities enable the delivery of this valuable service to you at the most affordable price in market. All assays are performed using our robust hERG stable cell lines (HEK-293).

Patch Clamp hERG Safety Testing Service
  • hERG IC50 Screening Assay Service
  • Rapid Patch Screening Service
  • Sample Screening Results
Cell Line HEK-293
Technology Manual patch clamp
Sample Size Minimum pre-weighed 3 mg or 1000 μl of 10mM in 100% DMSO
Note: 3 - 5 mg is enough for low molecular weight (MW < 500).
Compound Information Please offer molecular weight, solubility, and stablity information.
If the compound(s) are not soluble in 100% DMSO, please offer any useful information concerning the solubility.
Number of Compounds No limit
Suggested Testing 0.01 μM - 10 μM
Number of Concentrations 3 - 4
Measurements 3
Positive Control Terfenadine, astemizole, or cisapride
Test Conditions Five to 10 minutes of exposure at either room temperature or 37°C
Deliverables Report includes protocol summary, concentration-response curve, and IC50 value for each compound.
Turnaround Time 1-2 weeks

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