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Application of Gene Synthesis

GenScript's custom gene synthesis technology is extremely versatile, applicable in many different kinds of procedures, such as cDNA production, heterogenous protein expression, and the creation of gene variants and recombinant antibodies.GenScript gene synthesis comes with our optional codon optimization service, which can dramatically increase heterogeneous protein expression, at no additional charge.

Codon Optimization: Not all host expression systems share the same codon bias. The expression of, say, a human gene in E. coli can increase dramatically when the codon frequency of that gene is matched to that of the host system, but that is only the first step of GenScript's total gene optimization process. GenScript's proprietary OptimumGeneTM Gene Design Technology can typically increase minimum 10-fold increase in protein express level [Case Study], provided that the protein expression and purification methods are appropriate. More about Codon Optimization

Recombinant Antibodies: Human-mouse chimeric antibodies retain the specificity of the original murine variable region but assume the effector function of the human constant region, combining the high specificity of hybridoma antibodies with the mutability and reliable replication of GenScript plasmids. More about Recombinant Antibodies

cDNA Design and Constructs: GenScript gene synthesis technology allows for the design of high-quality genes and cDNAs at highly competitive prices, and the direct production of high-quality cDNAs for cDNA libraries and other purposes. More about cDNA Design and cDNA Constructs

Gene Variants and SNPs: Most alternative splice methods are unwieldy and can have unpredictable results.GenScript gene modification and gene synthesis incorporates rigorous regulation and verification of alternative splice products. More about Gene Variants and SNPs and Gene Modification

DNA Vaccines and Vectors: Since the production of an effective DNA vaccine involves not only the sequence itself but also the target, delivery system, expression, regulation, and inhibition of the gene therapy product, GenScript's one stop for gene and protein services is your best bet. More about DNA Vaccines and Vectors

Microarray-Ready cDNA: Reverse transcription bias and other problems can alter the relative amounts of cDNA measured by microarray assays. GenScript's advanced gene synthesis technology includes several means of countering these issues. More about Microarray-Ready cDNA

Synthesize Predicted Genes and cDNAs
Predicted Gene: The primary reason to generate predicted gene structure databases is to provide positional cloners, gene hunters and other products along with the gene candidates observed in finished and unfinished genomic sequences. GenScript specializes in custom gene synthesis and predicted gene synthesis based on advances in the understanding of gene variant function and synthesis, the biology of gene synthesis and new DNA manipulation and mutagenesis techniques. More about Synthesize Predicted Genes and cDNAs

Quotation and Ordering

gene synthesis service For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by email or phone.

gene synthesis service Orders can be placed by phone, email or fax with a formal PO (Purchase Order) .

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