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Stable Cell Line Services

Stable cell lines are essential for protein and antibody production and cell-based assays. GenScript delivers high quality, customized stable cell line services that range from stable expression lines for research purposes to GLP grade stable cell lines for protein production. We also offer GenCRISPR, our CRISPR/Cas9 based gene editing service to develop knockout and knockin cell lines. Our scientists are experts using traditional transfection and viral transduction methods of gene transfer into a wide range of cell lines. Process development is also available for industrial use.

For Protein Production Grade Stable Cell Lines

For Assay Grade Stable Cell Lines

For Gene Edited Knock-out, Knock-in Custom Cell Lines

Stable bioproduction cell line

  • Transient expression evaluation
  • MTX amplification
  • Stability screening

CellPowe™ Lentiviral based stable cell line service.

  • Available as stable pool or single-cell clone
  • Guaranteed expression validated by functional analysis

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GenCRISPR™ custom gene edited cell line development.

  • Knock-outs and knock-ins of any gene in any cell line
  • Target sequence validated
  • Functional validation available

Advanced stable bioproduction cell line – Above cell line production plus upstream process development:

  • Medium selection
  • Physical compatibility experiment
  • Feed supplementation

Traditional, non-viral transfection based stable cell line service.

  • Stability testing
  • Functional analysis of clones