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ラクダ科単一ドメイン抗体 (sdAb)

Scientists have been vigorously pursuing various recombinant antibody fragments including Fab, scFv, diabodies, minibodies and single-domain antibodies (sdAb), to generate better research tools and to meet unmet medical needs. Recognizing that sdAbs are ideal building blocks for various antibody-based applications, GenScript offers a comprehensive set of services in sdAb research and development.

What is sdAb:

  • Conventional IgGs are composed of two heavy and two light chains. Variable regions of both chains contribute to antigen binding
  • In addition to these conventional antibodies, animal of camelidae such as camels, llamas and alpacas also produce antibodies composed of two heavy chains only, designed heavy chain antibody (HCAb)
  • The variable region of HCAb is solely responsible for antigen binding and hence designated single domain antibody (sdAb)

Routes for sdAb generation:

  • Direct sdAb isolation from naive sdAb phage display library containing camel, llama and alpaca sdAb repertoire.
  • Generation of high affinity sdAbs by camelid immunization and subsequent recombinant antibody work.

Key features:

Small (13kDa)

  • Enhanced tissue penetration.
  • Capability of binding to "hidden" epitopes
  • Easy to engineer.

Excellent stability

  • Good expression levels.
  • Good drug stability.


  • Safety proved by clinical trials.
  • Immunogenicity can be eliminated or greatly reduced by standard humanization procedures.




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