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Assay development plays a very important role in the identification of potential "hits", confirmation of the hits to lead compounds, and subsequent lead optimization, generating drug candidates for further development. GenScript has built a series of functional assay platforms. These platforms implement the highest quality detection technology for early drug discovery.

Assay Development Services

    Primary Assay

GenScript’s assay development process is based on stringent quality criteria and comprehensive controls. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, GenScript has developed many advanced technology platforms that include fluorometry, electrophysiology, radioactivity, and in-cell Western assays. Our scientific team has extensive experience in developing pharmacologically sensitive assays for various drug target classes that include GPCRs, ion channels, kinases, and proteases. Furthermore, GenScript’s scientists can skillfully integrate biochemical and cell-based assays to perform pharmacological profiling in order to improve safety and efficacy of drug candidates with quality and speed.

Notably, our comprehensive services in recombinant protein production, antibody generation, peptide synthesis, and cell line development allow you to take the advantages of our reputable in-house reagents supply to speed up assay development and compound screening projects in a reliable, reproducible, and cost-effective manner.

    Secondary Assay

After the compound library screening via the primary assay, secondary assay is essential for hit confirmation and evaluation. Moreover, secondary assay can also be used to evaluate the improvement of pharmacokinetic performance following lead optimization. GenScript has developed a panel of secondary assays focusing on both biochemical and cell-based modalities. With ample expertise in screening assays, we are dedicated to deliver top-quality and fast-turnaround data analysis.

    Specificity Assay

Even an efficacious candidate interacting with a therapeutic target may trigger unexpected or off-target effects in a living cell. Specificity assay is an effective method to evaluate the limitation and potential risk of a candidate compound. GenScript has developed a series of specificity assay platforms integrating biochemical and cell-based method to cover a wide range of targets. Following clients’ requests to develop assay on new targets, GenScript will offer a customized service based on a feasibility study.

    HTS Conversion

Facing a large compound library, GenScript can help clients convert the conventional primary assay into a high-throughput screening (HTS) format and offer an assay validation for HTS. To meet your demand for HTS reagents, GenScript, as a world leading bio-reagent manufacturer, offers large-scale reagent preparation services such as protein production and large-scale cell culture.

    Compound Screening

Tailored to client’s specification, GenScript offers customizable biochemical-based and cell-based compound screening services. Our compound screening service is conducted in 96-well plate or 384-well plate formats based on three platforms: fluorescence, radioactivity, and in-cell Western. In addition, our patch clamp platform equipped with QPatch-16 screening station can run a medium throughput screening (MTS) at about 1,000 data points per work day.

Secure Confidentiality

Materials and information provided and sent to GenScript are kept private by the strictest security measures. Assay outcomes and experimental data are proprietary to our clients and are also kept confidential. GenScript does not disclose confidential information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the client.

Quotations and Ordering

Bio-Assay Service Quotation

Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order). We recommend that you submit your service requests and orders via our Online Ordering System.

For questions and quotation requests, please use our Secure Web Server. However, you may also contact us by email, TEL, or fax.

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