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Antibody Library Phage Display


Antibody phage display technology has become a major approach in producing highly specific antibodies. GenScript's Antibody Engineering Department can build antibody library with up to 1010 individual clones, which satisfies most research needs.

Having a good library is one thing, selecting the best binders with good expression levels, good stability and high affinity is a completely different story. GenScript's proprietary FASEBA screening system allows it to screen expression levels, stabilities and affinities simultaneously.

Antibody Library & Phage Display Services:

Our Services include:

  • Naive or immune antibody libraries
  • Synthetic or semi-synthetic antibody libraries
  • scFv or Fab antibody libraries
  • Selection of binders through phage display screening
  • Naive or immune antibody libraries

Our Approaches:

  • Speed: Generation of antibody library as fast as within one month
  • Library size: Generation of antibody library with larger than 1010 functional library size
  • Screening: FASEBA screening technology for expression levels, stabilities and affinities




Phone: 03-6803-0843
Fax:03-3836-0371, 03-4496-5000(only for order)