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As one of the largest antibody service suppliers, we at GenScript have a great interest in your biological research and would like to facilitate and accelerate your drug development process. In regards to this vital issue, GenScript has established a comprehensive antibody drug development platform, which includes hybridoma development, antibody sequencing, antibody humanization, affinity maturation, epitope mapping, related functional assay and antibody production, to meet all your antibody drug development needs.

In launching our latest Premium Hybridoma Development service which generates up to 100 high quality hybridoma clones to our high-end clients, we aim to facilitate the instigation of their antibody drug research and increase the possibility of finding new potential candidates. The quality and the number of varied hybridomas produced by GenScripts cannot be rivaled by any other company in the market today and will ensure you that GenScript's products will always be your best choice.

Key Features:

  • One stop solution: In-house services from antigen preparation to hybridoma development
  • High specificity and affinity: GANP® transgenic mouse increases significantly the specificity and affinity
  • High throughput screening: Proprietary NativeSelectTM ELISA or HT MarchTM for high efficiency screening
  • Comprehensive functional assay: Mature functional assay platforms fit most in vitro screening

  • Service Flowchart
  • Service Specifications

SC1585: Premium hybridoma development service

Phase Description
Immunogen Preparation

Protein immunogen supplied by GenScript:(Strongly Recommended)

  • GenScript generates high quality antigen with our gene synthesis and protein expression service

Or qualified immunogen provided by customer:

  • Protein antigen must be >85% purity, 7-10mg, GenScript will verify the antigen purity and quantity before immunization
  • Immunizations for 50 Balb/c mice or GANP® mice transgenic mice
  • Test bleed
  • Maintain the immunized animals (six-months)
Cell Fusion, Screening
  • Cell fusion, (4x10e4 clones)
  • Primary screen (NativeSelectTM ELISA or HT MarchTM)
  • Expand all positive parental clones into 24-well plates
  • Re-screen the samples (NativeSelectTM ELISA or HT MarchTM)
  • Pick and freeze positive clones from initiated screening (50-100 positive clones)
SuperdomaTM Assay and Isotyping
  • SuperdomaTM assay to sort top affinity clones from different epitope-binding groups
  • Isotyping all the clones
  • All positive clones for functional assay ( 50-100 clones)
Small Scale Antibody Production
  • Small scale antibody production ( 50-100 clones, supernatants or 1-5mg purified antibody for each)
First Delivery
  • Supernatants or purified mAbs for In-Vitro functional assay and affinity measurement
Functional Assay(Optional)
  • Functional assay according to customers'request
Subcloning, Expansion and Cryopreservation
  • Subclone and screen (NativeSelectTM ELISA or HT MarchTM)
  • Freeze down multiple vials for each clone
Final Delivery
  • 2 vials of cell lines for 2 subclone from each parental clone and 5 ml supernatants
  • Full report
Large Scale Antibody Production and Storage Service(Optional)
  • Produce antibody with roller bottle culture or ascites production
  • Purify the produced antibodies by protein A/G affinity column
  • Verify the produced antibodies
  • Cell bank service
  • Antibody sequencing


1) This protocol is for you reference, and we can customize your project base on your specific requirement.

2) We provide free cell line storage service for 6 months from the date of cell freezing. If customers require continued storage service after the end of the six-month period, the charges are set at $10 per cell line per year, and $350 per cell line for a working cell bank service (up to 30 vials).




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