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Company Overview

Founded in 2002 in New Jersey, United States, GenScript serves as a partner for researchers in basic life sciences, translational and biomedical fields as well as early-stage drug development. With best-in-class capacity and capability in both technology and manpower, GenScript supports scientific endeavors through offering high-quality products and services. As a publicly-traded company, the diverse portfolio of GenScript encompasses extensive services in gene synthesis and molecular biology, peptide synthesis, protein expression and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, animal model development, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology as well as variety of catalogue products. With the goal of “Making Research Easy”, GenScript has strived to remain a reliable research partner for scientists in over 100 countries across the globe.

Main Areas of Services and Products

Key Facts

  • Publicly-Traded Company: Listed in Hong Kong’s stock market (01548.HK) since 2015, GenScript has over 2,000 employees comprised of 28% Ph.D. & Master scientists who share their knowledge and expertise with our research partners worldwide.
  • Frequently-Cited in Publications: With an average citation of 4,180/year, the number of peer-reviewed publications citing GenScript’s services and products has passed 26,900 over the 15-years of its tenure; placing GenScript among the most frequently-cited biotech companies in the world.
  • Proven Gene Expertise: As the leading gene synthesis provider in the world, our gene synthesis tools are designed to make research accessible. Our propriety, PSO-based OptimumGene™ codon optimization technology enables the design of the most expression-efficient sequence available, while our CloneArk™ system provides a platform for researchers to archive, share and reuse their clones for future use with peace of mind.
  • Reliable Synthetic Peptides: Powered by advanced PepPower™ synthesis technology platform and supported by stringent quality management systems, GenScript synthesizes more than 10,000 peptides/month with batch-to batch consistency, variety of custom modifications and delivery options while maintaining the record synthetic peptide length of 100 amino acids.
  • Proprietary MonoRab™ Antibody: Through a combination of novel mouse-rabbit hybridoma technology and capability for early stage antibody sequencing, GenScript exclusively generates custom rabbit monoclonal antibodies with high sensitivity, affinity and specificity tailored for anti-idiotype and in vitro diagnostic antibody development.
  • Premier High-Throughput Gene to Antibody Production: Designed to accelerate the drug screening process, GenScript helps researchers identify promising candidate leads and advance to the production of purified recombinant antibodies with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Licensed CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing: Through partnership with the technology’s pioneering Feng Zhang's laboratory at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, GenScript offers a variety of CRISPR services, including guide RNA design tools, pre-validated CRISPR plasmids, and learning resources to help scientists harness the power of CRISPR genome editing in life science research.




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